Housing and Mortgage Loans

A housing loan with PT is a much higher creditworthiness with the lowest monthly installment at the same time.

PT is the leader of the Polish financial advisors market. PT began his activity as an internet portal in 2000. They were the first company in Poland to comprehensively deal with financial consulting for individual clients. The first branch was established in Warsaw at the beginning of 2001.

During several years of activity, the PT Finance Advisors gained experience unique in the entire market. The success of PT is mainly determined by highly qualified employees who help clients in making financial decisions.

PT’s mission is to provide clients with the best solutions in the field of personal finances, thanks to which we help them fulfill their deepest dreams.

PT’s success is determined by his People – Financial Advisors. They invest in employees, creating unique development opportunities that allow them to fully develop their potential and interests. The uniqueness of the company is created by the slogan “MY ALL”.

They are distinguished by their timeless values ​​as: trust, respect, independence, experience that we skillfully put into practice in dealing with clients and employees.


Loans with PT

Loans with PT

See for yourself that you can reduce your installments by up to half. A consolidation loan will allow you to convert all your loan commitments into one mortgage and reduce your existing installments.

You can combine a consolidation loan with:

  • housing loan
  • car loan
  • cash loan
  • credit card
  • credit line in ROR


The consolidation loan with PT is a combination of many advantages:

  • any loan repayment time, up to 40 years
  • maximum loan amount up to 85% of the value of the collateral
  • a wide range of currencies, among others: PLN, EUR, USD, CHF.
  • insurance against the risk of job loss


Objectives that you can use for a loan:

With the consolidation loan, you can pay off all your financial obligations: car loan, credit card or debit on your account.

Now you can reduce your housing loan by up to 30%! Make an appointment with the PT Advisor and check how much lower you can pay by converting your loan into a refinancing loan!


Refinancing loans with PT are the same benefits:

  • any loan repayment time, up to 50 years
  • no need for own contribution
  • a wide range of currencies, among others: PLN, EUR, USD, CHF
  • option to set a grace period for loan repayment
  • insurance against the risk of job loss


You can spend the refinancing loan on:

  • refinancing the purchase of a house or flat
  • refinancing the loan for construction
  • refinancing of own costs incurred for renovation or modernization
  • refinancing the costs of another bank loan


Investment funds

Loans with PT

They place the participants’ capital in appropriately selected financial instruments (eg shares, currencies, bonds). Thanks to the collection of significant capital, the fund managers carry out beneficial investments, the result of which is the multiplication of entrusted funds. Choosing the right form of money placement is a complicated and time-consuming activity, so use the professional services of PT’s adviser now!

When you decide on investment funds, you have the full freedom of depositing funds. You invest as much as you like and when you want.


Forms of investing in funds:

  • systematic investing in order to achieve life goals
  • putting the accumulated capital in a way that makes it possible to achieve profits


Benefits of investing with PT:

  • High profits. Exceeding those from bank accounts and deposits
  • Convenience. You save time having access to the offer of 140 investment funds of many institutions in one place. You do not have to carry out your own analyzes and make independent investment decisions.
  • Freedom of action. Opportunity to choose an investment fund and transfer funds between funds or a division between different investment funds.
  • Flexibility. The possibility of one-off payments or systematic payment of small amounts.

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