Subsidies For Mortgage Loans “Easy Loan”

At the beginning of 2014, the government’s subsidy program for mortgage loans, “Easy Loan”, begins. It is to help young people, up to 35 years old, to buy their first flat from the primary market. The program developed by the government supports families with children who can count on co-financing for a flat purchase of 20%. However, it should be emphasized that the additional payment for the mortgage will not be counted on the value of the purchased flat, and on the average for a given commune, i.e. “Conversion factor of the replacement cost per sqm of usable space”. This condition allows you to buy an apartment at a specified price. As the forecasts of financial analysts show, in Wroclaw 1 sq m of the flat covered by the program may cost up to PLN 4,774, in Warsaw it is PLN 5,864.65, in Poznań PLN 5 604.50. The lowest ratio is forecast at PLN 4 105, 20 for 1 sq m for Rzeszów.


This is the first time young

This is the first time young

The bill, assuming subsidies for mortgage loans, was signed by the President and it will come into force on January 1, 2014. This means that the “Easy Loan” program will be on the offer of selected commercial banks at the beginning of the new year. The program can be used by people who meet certain conditions.

The first criterion is age. The beneficiaries of the program may be people who are under 35 years of age. In the case of a marriage, it is enough for this condition to be met by one of the spouses. Secondly, the property purchased must be for the buyer the first residential property, which in addition should be bought for a loan in zlotys written for at least 15 years, which will be at least half of the purchase price. In the project of the program, the premises that the beneficiary wants to acquire are described in detail. First of all, it should be a flat from the primary market, no more than 75 sq m.

In the case of a single-family house, the boundary is 100 sq m. The situation is different when the beneficiary of the program is a family with at least three children. She can buy a flat of 10 sq m larger. However, it is worth remembering that in order to receive an additional payment, you should buy a flat that is cheap enough. It is a prerequisite to fit in the price limit. These fortifications vary depending on the location and are designated as 110% of the average of the last two published values ​​of the conversion factor of the replacement cost per square meter of usable area of ​​residential buildings. The specific price limits of 1 sq m will be announced at the beginning of 2014 and will be updated quarterly.


The new subsidy for mortgage loans ” Easy Loan “

The new subsidy for mortgage loans " Easy Loan "

This is a chance to buy the first flat for people who are under 35 years of age.

Despite the many conditions that beneficiaries should meet, the program allows the receipt of subsidies from the state in the amount of even tens of thousands of zlotys. For example, a 75-meter flat, which meets the conditions of the government program, the buyer in Wrocław must pay no more than PLN 358,050.

The state subsidy makes it possible to receive a maximum of approximately PLN 71,000. This is important because the money can be used, for example, to finish the flat. It is worth noting that the “Easy Loan” program is also a chance to improve the situation in housing construction. It assumes the purchase of flats exclusively from the primary market, which means a revival among developers. Contractors will also benefit, as well as manufacturers of building materials, who will be obliged to meet the needs of the market. The program developed by the government is therefore an opportunity not only for young citizens wanting to become independent and buy an apartment, but also for the whole industry related to construction.

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